What is real?

In my vegetative state this Monday evening, after children were fed and what little energy I could muster for laundry and housework was spent, I sat mindlessly watching TV.  I surfed through the channels for just a few moments and out of desperation for anything better to watch, I settled on Nashville Star.  Nothing of substance here, but I admit it was mildly entertaining.  I do say that occasionally, I like to watch television that requires no thought.  And, “Nashville Star” required me to think very little.

However, in the course of about 10 minutes I sat through commercial after commercial for one “reality” show after another, some I had never even heard of.  I’m sure many have asked this question long before I have when it comes to the endless absurdity of what today’s television has resorted to … but what has the world come to?  What is reality?  I know it can’t be “The Baby Borrowers”, “Celebrity Circus,” “Dancing with the Stars”, “Big Brother”, “The Bachelorette”, “Rock of Love” or any of the other dozens of today’s reality TV shows.

I’m ashamed to admit (and this is closely related to yesterday’s post about guilty pleasures) that I’ve watched several of the aforementioned shows and many others.  Okay, I guess I rarely want to think when I’m watching TV.  All too often, TV is used just for background noise at my house and rarely do I sit down with the intention of paying attention to it.

Do these shows leave others with the question:  “What is real?”   In my quest to “get real” I certainly do not care who can fall in love in the course of one six-week series, or who can dance the best, or who can make the biggest fool of themselves on “America’s Got Talent,” and I don’t care who is smarter than a 5th grader.  I’m certainly not dumb enough to believe that most of these unscripted reality shows are actually not scripted.

In my unscripted life I’m actually trying to get real and focus on the things that really matter … taking care of my children, not worrying about the unimportant stuff and actually “making it” from one day to the next.  I admit, I like to escape in the ridiculousness of some of these television shows.  But, now that I look at the dozens of them on today’s television line up and realize how really far out they’ve gotten, I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here.  Maybe it’s just “GET REAL!”