Dear Diet Coke … Our Romance is Over!

I am a Diet Coke addict. I chain drink. I have quit them multiple times only to fall of the wagon a few weeks — and oftentimes a few short days — later. I have no willpower.

I am not a coffee drinker and I don’t smoke, so Diet Coke is my pick-me-up every morning. The soft drink is also sometimes (who am I kidding? … is always) my afternoon lifeline. It wakes me up and gives me that burst of energy to get through the 2 p.m. doldrums. And if I am going to have a terribly fattening, no-good-for-you snack, Diet Coke negates that. Right?

I know. I know. They are so not good for me, but I am fueled by Diet Coke. I have read about all the side effects and my common sense tells me that quitting is a good thing. It is just so hard. As I said, I have unsuccessfully quit before. But, even off them for a few days I could see a difference in how I felt.

I made a mental note to myself last week that perhaps this Monday morning would be my last day to enjoy a DC. My romance must end. With great anticipation, I headed to the garage fridge to get my final one. I was fully planning to enjoy our last few moments together, down to the last sweet, fizzy drop.

I very sleepily stumbled through the garage, squinting as the fridge light harshly greeted me. What?!?!?!?!?!? There was the empty Diet Coke box, but none of the familiar red and white cans. What’s a girl to do? It’s Monday. Repeat: MONDAY. It’s cold and rainy, and I’m sleepy. I had to be at work before 7 AM!! Insert whiney voice here.

So now that I’ve recovered from the shock of no Diet Coke and the realization that someone in my family DRANK THE LAST ONE, maybe I can look at this as good thing. I was forced to quit!! I am saddened to end my long-lasting relationship with my carbonated friend, but I know I will feel better in the long run.

Maybe this can be another thing I can mark off the list for my Cooking, Crafting and Chaos journey.

If the withdrawals don’t kill me, until next time y’all ….

(anyone want to bring me Starbucks???)

2 thoughts on “Dear Diet Coke … Our Romance is Over!

  1. Very proud of you! YOU CAN DO IT!

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