Who has time for all that?


I am a list maker. I am busy. I have a million things I need to do and two million more I WANT to do. And sometimes, quite honestly, I am a disorganized, hot mess stressed over the lack of enough hours in a day. I need structure.

I don’t know if it’s my current schedule, my age or what, but I can’t seem to keep it all straight anymore. I need a place to keep my lists, my schedule and all my thoughts in one place.  I need a gathering spot where home and work can mingle. I need a clearinghouse of sorts for all those little notes and Post-its I leave laying everywhere. As much as I want to be a gadget geek, keeping all my notes and schedules on my iPhone or iPad just isn’t working for me.  I want to see, feel and touch paper. I need something I can doodle in, write lists in and stick my “sticky” notes to.

A few years ago I worked for a company that for all purposes was paperless. In turn, the powers-that-be expected their employees to be paperless. Post its weren’t allowed. Written calendars were banned and I was tasked with teaching everyone how to make Microsoft Outlook work for them. I retired my planner and got with the plan. So, I do know “how” to do it.  I just don’t want to.  Even though I was out of the habit of having a written calendar and had hopped on the paperless band wagon, I was never fully converted.  I was still writing notes on paper in shame and hiding them (often losing them) where the couldn’t be seen.  I know.  Sad.

So, about a month ago I decided to go back to a written planner. Oh how I’ve missed it. Being a little bit OCD or ADD or whatever “d” I am, I have been researching to find a format that works best for me. It has been a few years, so I want to make sure I’m using the latest, greatest and most organized system.

I’ve been Googling and watching numerous YouTube videos on what other people or doing. It’s crazy! I have found literally hundreds of videos of women and men giving “tours” of their multiple planners. What?? A tour?? Multiple planners?? I just need a calendar folks.

I guess I am behind the times, but I had never heard of a Filofax until now (I have always used the generic Day Timer or Day Runner).  I am now well schooled.  I have found folks that use multiple planners. They decorate. They make custom pages.  They have totes they carry around with them filled with “supplies” for their planners.  They search the internet for the perfect leather planner in just the right shade of purple or pink to add to their collection of planners. Really??  More power to you if you have that much time and energy, but doesn’t it defeat the purpose?   I use my planner to keep myself organized and focused, and to save time.  I’m not sure I really have time for all of that. Again, more power to you if you do this. I am not knocking what you do. It looks fun, and for a crafter, probably a little satisfying.  I want to be you when I grow up.  But for now, I really need something simple.

You can see above what a typical week on my planner looks like.  And believe me, this is quite an improvement over my Post-it “system” of leaving notes everywhere.

I have only one word.  Messy.  It does works better for me than my iPhone calendar, but I still need a better system.

Any thoughts out there on a format that doesn’t require Washi tape, stickers, 42 different colors of pens, decorative paper clips and a tote full of supplies?

Until next time….

9 thoughts on “Who has time for all that?

  1. I just wrote a post on how I organize my personal planner/wallet to work efficiently for me. I keep looking at your book above with sticky note, etc. and I keep chuckling because I understand! lol I really have found that using a weekly page and an individual page with a time frame works well for me. Sometimes I don’t have to change the daily page because I can just add a few more things to it and it works for a couple of days even if there are a number of things I’ve checked off. It is a system that may work for you. It’s simple and colorful so it doesn’t need decorating (lol) or colorful pens (I use flairs and whatever one I grab is color of the day.) I like your sticky notes, I just use a smaller one so it doesn’t take up so much room (and I’ve had to learn to write smaller – I write LARGE) and I move them from day to day as needed. I think you might benefit from a planner that allows you to use sections for each day which is one of the things I like about my week pages. I can label the columns. I need labels. I think I have all the D’s too – definitely attention deficit! I have another planner I am trying out next year that may work for you too. From Etsy it’s MelvedyDesigns. They will print unbound so you can use a binder. There are three different views to choose from. Check them out. Sorry for such a long post here. I do get carried away when trying to help! lol

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  3. Great big wonderful post! I loved it. As you read on my blog, I’m a techi but it is just not working for me. I even had an app called post-it notes on my phone! Of all things!!! Need I say more. I love putting pen to paper and it is such a relief to write things down again. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. Donna

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  5. I really relate to this – love your book – I’m intrigued by it. I use hard cover 2013 diaries I picked up for around $1 a book, good deal in my eyes – and a godsend for trying to keep sane.

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