It never fails ….

It never fails that something throws a kink in your plan.

I had gotten myself organized right down to the minute.  My list of things I needed to take care of prior to leaving for Disney on Monday was extremely detailed, right down to the time I actually zip up the luggage.

I thought I was home free and for once, going to relax as I prepare my family to leave for vacation.

Then I got the call from the daycare.  My little boy who never gets sicks wasn’t feeling well and had a temp of 100.6.  That in itself is not too bad.  By the time we got to him about an hour later it had spiked to 101.7.  Hubby decided to take him on in to the doctor.

Bless his heart.Only 45 hours from Disney and he is diagnosed with strep.  He never gets sicks so I couldn’t believe it.  My hubby called me from the doctor’s office and I could hear my little one crying in the background.  From the sound of it, I could tell he felt really bad.  I immediately went into paranoid mom mode.

The thought of him not being able to enjoy his trip to Disney just breaks my heart.  The thought of mom sitting all week in a hotel room with a sick little boy doesn’t sound too promising either.

But in true Collier fashion, as soon as the antibiotics and the ibuprofen kicked in, he was running around the house like the little wild man he is.  He was chatting about Mickey Mouse and wanting to start packing.  I really hope it lasts.

We just put him to bed after another dose of meds.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Here’s a new pic of him.



Hi Ho, Hi Ho It’s Off to Disney we go….

My family and I, along with our best friends and their children, leave in less than a week to go to Disney World.  I am sooooo excited.  I don’t know who is anticipating the trip more, the children or the parents.

I’ve never been, so it will be fun for me.  But, I just can’t wait to watch my children.  And then, there will be the scrapbook pages when we get home.  My husband jokes that we plan our lives and take all our photos with scrapbook pages in mind.  There may be some truth to that.  I’ll have at least a good week of scrapbooking our vacation memories when we get home.  I’ve been collecting paper and embellishments for months.

As excited as I am about the trip, getting ready to vacation is just a nightmare for me.  Packing and getting ready to leave for any amount of time sends me into panic mode.

I’ve written before on this site about my yearning for my lifestyle to be “Martha Stewart, HGTV and Southern Living all wrapped up in a Norman Rockwell painting,” especially around the holidays. Not going to happen! I do make quite the valiant effort each year.  Unfortunately, four Christmas trees and 36 boxes of decorations later I’m still trying to put my home back together after last Christmas — and it’s July!  (That might be a slight exaggeration, but it did take me a while).   Anyway, that’s another post.  Back to my original topic.

The panic if feel during the holidays is nothing like what I feel now.  It takes on a whole new level when I’m going to travel. About a week prior to any vacation, I go into an adrenaline-driven whirlwind of trying to tie up every loose end in my life.  I can thank (ha ha, that’s Southern for “think”) of a million minuscule things that I must take care of NOW.

The funniest part of it all is that I spend so much time cleaning house, organizing drawers (because, of course, that is of the utmost importance), digging dust bunnies from under the bed, writing my memoirs, filing the box of bills and papers that have accumulated over the last year and a plethora of other just as mundane tasks, that I have all my packing to do at the very last minute.  I will be in a mad dash as I’m rushing out the door stuffing the last “just- in-case-I-need-it item” into the zipper pocket on my luggage, trying to get to the airport on time.  It’s a good thing my husband loves me.

I’m normally a fairly organized person.  The mere mention of the word “vacation” tosses my organizational skills out the window.

Oh well. The good new is …. Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off to Disney we go! 

I know as soon as we are on that plane, all will be good.


Thoughts to ponder….

I was just thinking today ….

With the economy the way it is these days and the day-to-day struggles of just getting by, it is very easy to get caught up in the “why me’s?”  and quickly throw a huge pity party.

The rising costs of fuel and food are taking its toll on everyone.  My husband and I feel it.  We feel the struggle more than we ever have.

I work in the nonprofit world with families of very low income.  Any issue I’m feeling affects them tenfold.  I’m learning very quickly not to focus on the pay that I don’t get, and focus on what my job does give me.

What does it give me?  It gives me the chance to use my skills and go home at the end of the day feeling like I’ve done something important.  It definitely gives me a great appreciation for what I do have.  And if the stories of the families we work with don’t do it, then one quick peruse through the newspaper or a quick listen to the morning news surely will.

Not to sound cliché, but I think I may be finally learning to “not sweat the small stuff” and really focus on what I HAVE and what’s important.

What do I have?

  1. I have a home … it’s not just a roof over my head, it is a home.
  2. I have a husband who provides for his family and comes home every night.
  3. I have a best friend.
  4. I have a little boy who still tells me he loves me every morning.  In fact, this morning he loved me “a lot, a lot, a lot.”
  5. I have a teenage daughter who trusts me enough to come to me when she has a problem, even when her teenage hormones are telling her I’m a freak of nature.
  6. I have an education.
  7. I’m alive.
  8. I have a God and the freedom to worship him.
  9. I have a car to put that expensive gas in and a job to drive it to.
  10. I have a kitchen and the ability to cook the food we constantly gripe about the cost of.
  11. I have luxuries that 100% of the families I work with do not have.
  12. I’m healthy.
  13. I’ve made mistakes and have been able to learn from them.
  14. I’m finally gaining the maturity to appreciate numbers 1 though 13.

I could sit here and continue this list all night long.  It’s amazing how many things to be thankful for you can come up with if you only take the time to try.  The list could go on and on.  What do I have to gripe about?

Enough mushiness for now. Night!

It’s been a week … and I had an “almost stalker”

It’s been a week since my last entry and I don’t think I have anything to say that sounds any more interesting than I did a week ago …. I kept thinking if I waited long enough that something fun, witty and maybe even intellectual would come to me.  Well, it didn’t. 

Same ole, same ole around here, except for I had an almost stalker!

Let’s see, where do I start?  I went to the grocery store last week — a chore I really do not enjoy.  To make going to the store even worse, I chose to do it immediately after work and I took my kids.  My local grocery store is a complete madhouse during the afterwork-mad-dash-to-get-home time.  But, since there hadn’t been food in my house for days, I really needed to feed my family and the thought of more fast food or another pizza was far worse than a trip to the grocery store.

I managed to find a few groceries and only have minor disagreements with my children.  I struggled at the checkout, and fought my way out of the store entry that isn’t big enough to to handle the onslaught of rush hour comings and goings of hundreds of shoppers.

I was happily thinking “I’m home free” and making plans for the quick dinner fixings we had just purchased as I put the last overstuffed grocery bag in my trunk. Both kids were buckled in and I was starting the car when I noticed a woman, her grocery cart and two kids coming quickly toward my car.  I was watching and wondering if she was going to hit my car with her cart as she tried to squeeze her inflated backside, both kids and the groceries in the six inches between my car and the curb I was parked next to.

I continued to watch and yes she was going to hit it … about that time I heard the cart as it scraped the side of my car.  Well, maybe she didn’t see me in the car so I honked the horn so she’d realize I was there (as if the hum of my running motor wasn’t a clue).  I was hoping she wouldn’t do it again as if no one were watching. Hey, my car isn’t the best, but it’s mine and I don’t want it any more beat up than necessary.

She immediately turned around and started yelling at me.  “Ma’am I didn’t hit your car on purpose.” She continued to babble something else.  I just looked at her, put my hands up and backed out to leave. I didn’t mouth off — I’ve been known to mouth off (any friend of mine reading this can attest to this) but this time, honest, I did not.  Even if I had said something, she couldn’t have heard me.  The windows of my car were up.

I backed out and fought the traffic home.  I got out of the car and with the assistance of my children got all the groceries unloaded in one trip.  I was balancing the bags and had managed to shut the trunk when I turned around. There she stood.  She had followed me home!!

I don’t know if I was more in shock that she actually did that — with kids in tow — or that she had managed to drive up, get out of her car and get within a few feet of me without me noticing.  She then proceeded to yell at me some more about how she didn’t mean to hit my car and that she would pay the damage, and that she didn’t want her kids to see this kind of behavior.  Go figure!

All the while my children are standing there watching and wondering what the heck was going on.  We also now had attracted an audience in my neighbor’s front yard.  At first, I did admit to her that I was a little bothered by the fact that she followed me home.  I even apologized for honking my horn.  But, she just kept on.  At that point, I asked her to leave.  She continued, obviously having had a really bad day. I asked her to leave again or I would call the police.  She continued as she and her backside moved out of my driveway and onto the street.  “I’m not on your property now,” she said.  Then, she continued.  I’m not sure I heard much of what she said.  I was shocked and for some reason starting to find the whole situation a little humorous.  Again, I asked her to leave.  She continued.

I pulled my phone out of my purse and started to dial.  She decided to leave.  As she got in her car, I heard her telling her children (quite loudly), “I certainly hope you don’t turn out to be THAT kind of person.” I’m not sure what kind of person THAT is, but I’m certain I did not do anything I would be ashamed for her children to see.  I don’t know what I did to provoke her to follow me home. I’ll usually admit when I’m on “the wrong end of the stick” as my Grandma used to say, but I was completely innocent this time.

Oh well, I apologize for the length of this post.  I’m not sure what the moral of the story is.  Could it be don’t park near the curb in the grocery store parking lot, don’t buy groceries during rush hour or don’t honk your horn at passers by with lethal grocery carts?!?

Anyway, night!!