I’ve been oogled…..

I was sitting at a stop light the other day  during my daily battle … I mean commute … with the commute to work.

I noticed the gentleman in the car studying his rear view mirror quite intently.  It was at that moment I realized it was me he was studying.  My first thought was that at my age, I should be a little flattered.  Then I just thought “ewwww that old guy is oogling me.”  He was definitely a midlife crisis in a convertible if I ever saw one.

I sat there pondering that thought for a moment when I realized he was actually the age man who should be oogling me …  …  I guess that is just another one of those things I’ll have to get used to.

I’ve never been one that has gotten oogled (that’s a word my best friend and I call a “shellyism”) too much and dang it when I do, it’s wake up call!!

And, as an afterthought to yesterday’s post, here’s a picture of that sweet moment of my children in the pool.




3 thoughts on “I’ve been oogled…..

  1. Ew! Being oogled makes me feel so dirrrrty!

  2. @Tigster – well maybe I should feel lucky .. ha ha

  3. I never get oogled 😦 Heck, I don’t even think I get googled!

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