Okay .. rush hour traffic SUCKS!!!!!!

It took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to get home today …. which, including going to the daycare, is probably less than 25 miles.

As I was creeping along, maybe at a 1 mph, I was thinking that if I had money to just blow, I’d blow it on a helicopter to get me to and from work.  But then, after further consideration, I realized that if I had enough money to buy a helicopter and pay a pilot to fly it, I probably wouldn’t have to be working this job anyway!

But back to my original thought — the “suckiness” of rush hour traffic.  I thought that after I left DFW for a somewhat smaller area, my daily drive to work would be much easier. I was wrong.  The drive is already bad enough, but the mere mention of rain or God forbid, a “winter mix” anywhere in the forecast sends San Antonio drivers into a panic days before it hits.

Today, I’m a really good candidate for road rage.  Anyone else hate traffic as much as I do?




4 thoughts on “

  1. Drop it like it’s hot!

  2. I just hate Cooper! I hope you guys are having a a good holiday season!

  3. I totally feel road rage when I have to drive through Atlanta. I have to make sure I drive though because my husband makes me crazy there.

  4. come to Baton Rouge….now that we have a good chunk of new orleans people too it’s crazy here.  Our roads and town weren’t ready to double population in a matter of days.  A 7 ml trip takes me an hour.  And don’t think of going on the streets near the malls.  grrrrrrrrrrrr

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