Okay .. rush hour traffic SUCKS!!!!!!

It took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to get home today …. which, including going to the daycare, is probably less than 25 miles.

As I was creeping along, maybe at a 1 mph, I was thinking that if I had money to just blow, I’d blow it on a helicopter to get me to and from work.  But then, after further consideration, I realized that if I had enough money to buy a helicopter and pay a pilot to fly it, I probably wouldn’t have to be working this job anyway!

But back to my original thought — the “suckiness” of rush hour traffic.  I thought that after I left DFW for a somewhat smaller area, my daily drive to work would be much easier. I was wrong.  The drive is already bad enough, but the mere mention of rain or God forbid, a “winter mix” anywhere in the forecast sends San Antonio drivers into a panic days before it hits.

Today, I’m a really good candidate for road rage.  Anyone else hate traffic as much as I do?



I just spent the evening singing Jingle Bells with my little one, well at least it  was his version of Jingle Bells.

My daughter is also planning a big holiday slumber party. All in all, it was a real productive evening.  It was certainly a nice break from the week from you know where I’ve had at work. And to think, it’s only Tuesday.

I think the new “leaf” I’ve turned is surviving well.  I’ve not bought a Christmas present one and I’ve yet to have a panic attack about it — well not a big one anyway.

I’m thinking the need to shop might just be a good excuse to slip away for the weekend, visit some friends and do some shoppping.

I wish I had something to rant and rave about, or to at least to get mushy over, but honestly my brain is tired.


I’ve been finishing up some Christmas decorating this evening, and I must say it’s looking pretty nice.  Although, the weather is still so warm it’s been really hard to get in the holiday spirit.

I’ve got one week left on my current job, before starting a new one. I have been given the opportunity to stay on where I’m at on a continuing “temporary” basis.  I’m guessing the hope is that a better position will open for me soon.

What to do, what to do?  I’ve accepted the other job, but it’s not at a level I’d really have to worry if I called and backed out.  It would be a little more money for now, but not enough to outweigh the fact that there’s more opportunity where I’m at if it does work out.  My PTO would also kick in about next week, which will be nice.

I guess I need to be making some decisions.

Well, I’m tired and boring tonight, so I’m off.

Have a great Monday.

*reminding myself:* STOP, BREATHE, RELAX and ENJOY.

It was a very, very busy day, so I don’t have much to say.  Here are some random thoughts I remember from my day:

“You can’t really be that stupid.”

“Sure, blame me.  I’m not the one who is not doing my job.”

“Gee this salad is yummy.”

“I’m ready to go home.”

“I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.”

“Okay sister, it’s Nov. 30, stop wearing the strappy sandals.”

(Okay, I know that was real lame, as my daughter would say.  But, as I used to say in a past life, “It was a slow news day.”)