If you could pick anything you wanted to make a living at, what would it be?

I find myself envious of people who find something they like to do and turn that into a job.  I’m really envious of those take that job and earn good money doing it.

I think my dream job would be to host a cooking show or maybe even just decorate Christmas trees all year long. Oh, better yet, since I currently work in a hospital, couldn’t I be the one who rocks the babies in the nursery all year long?

A couple of my ideas of what would make a good job are a little far-fetched.  I sometimes laugh at people who have hair-brained ideas and turn them into ways of making money.  I heard the other day on the radio about a guy who now sells “festivus” (a holiday that was brought to life on an episode of the Seinfield show) poles online.

Well, I guess is should “roll” myself to work.  I literally mean roll after all the food I ate yesterday.  It’s water and lettuce for me the rest of the week. 

Happy day after Thanksgiving!



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  1. You gotta work today?  Yuck!

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