Oops … I meant this to go below my previous entry of just about an hour ago.  I haven’t been on here in so long I’ve forgotten what to do. Oh well, if interested, read the previous entry to explain this one.

Okay … got to see if this works, or more appropriately if I can get it to work.

Like father, like son:

Collier as Batman .. .October 2005

Grant as Batman… A long time ago!

Awwwww … I feel missed.  I just realized it’s been two months since I’ve posted anything.  Time sure flies when you rejoin the working world.

Things have been really busy for us … nothing too exciting, but really busy.  I’m no longer part-time or temporary at my job.  I accepted a “semi-permanent” position (if there is such a thing) as an administrative assistant, with promises there is something more on the horizon there for me that will better match my qualifications.   I’m enjoying the people I work with, so it hasn’t been so bad.  Although, working in the same facility with my husband every day has been interesting. 

We went from living in separate cities and seeing each other only on weekends (I joked I was married via email and IM) to driving to and from work together and living together!!  We’ve really had some adjustments to make. 

Well I don’t have anything funny or witty to write about .. my creative juices don’t seem to be flowing tonight.  I also hear calls from my children bellowing down the stairs — sounds like some sort of Halloween costume crisis (Halloween dance at school tomorrow) so I must run.

Speaking of Halloween, my son (now almost 3) has chosen to be Batman for Halloween.  My husband chose the same costume at that age.  I have pictures of both of them in their batman costumes.  I’m going to have to figure this posting pictures thing out so I can post those. 

Hopefully I’ll have that done tomorrow.  Until later….