hmm… It’s Monday.  I’ve really nothing fun, witty or even halfway entertaining to write about today.  I’ve been watching all the news from Mississippi and Louisiana.  I really feel bad for all those caught in the path of the storm.

There is another chapter to the never-ending saga of my new job.  They changed it again today.  Actually, I don’t think they know what they are going to do with me.  I spent last week training for one position, but they’ve changed their mind again.  I guess I’m just a special case .. or is it I’m just so smart they can’t find a job that suits me, LOL LOL … I’m sure the latter is not the case.

I got a call from my old boss in Dallas.  He’s making some calls for me here.  Maybe something good will come out of that.

Well, I won’t spend much time rambling here with nothing to say.  I did see a cute billboard today (I love witty ads and billboards).  Do any of you have any?

How about this one:

“Shop till you Pop” — on a billboard for a maternity store.

or this one:

Stop here in Queso emergency” on a marquis at a Mexican restaurant.

Have a good evening!



7 thoughts on “

  1. You need to update soon…..some of us wonder about your life…lol


  3. You must be very busy!  You are missed.  I am unsubbing.  Please let me know if you come back.

  4. Shelly where are you?

  5. I love queso. And clever billboards. So that billboard is pretty much my favorite billboard.

  6. “Lets meet at my house Sunday before the game”-God
    “What part of Thou shalt not….didn’t you understand?”-God
    “Loved the wedding, invite me to the marriage”-God
    “That “love thy neighbor” thing….i meant it”-God
    “Big bang theory? You’ve got to be kidding”-God
    “You think its hot here?”-God
    “Have you read my #1 best seller?  There will be a test.”-God

  7. Hang in there!  One way to look at it, your getting paid to learn a variety of things!

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