Whew .. I made it through the first day — One very long day of orientation.

I actually made it out of bed, got everyone taken care of and out the door.  We drop off my 2-year-old at his first day of daycare.  A Mom kinda wishes for at least one tear to hint that her child might miss her just a tiny bit.  Nope… not a one, no moisture in his eyes whatsover — not even a hug goodbye for good old Mom. I look at him pleadingly, hoping the sadness in my eyes will remind him I’m the one who fixes his oatmeal, changes his diapers and tucks him in at night.  No such luck.

And to top it all off, when we return to take him home, he didn’t want to leave!!  I guess I should be thankful that he’s happy in his new home away from home.  Although, at least one tear would have been good for mom’s ego, which was already suffering slight pangs of guilt.

Later in the day, I’m sitting through about the fourth hour of orientation, enjoying a video on sexual harrassment when I get a text message on my phone — my daughter is sick and hubby is picking her up from school.  MORE GUILT, MORE GUILT, MORE GUILT.  She is fine and dad was able to handle everything just fine.

Hubby and I got a wild hair to clean out our closet this evening — part out of desperation and part out of neccessity.  It’s plain and simple, there is no more room in the closet.  Secondly, I’m back to a work wardrobe, rather than the shorts and tank tops I’ve become partial to over the last months.  So, the search was on this evening for something to wear tomorrow. This turned into a mad dash to get rid of everything in the closet that can’t be worn any longer.  For me, that was about 99.9% of what was in there.

The sizes in my closet, like most women’s, run the gamut — from skinny (well wishful thinking, but thinner anyway), to really, really (I mean really) fat!  Fortunately for me, I no longer need the really, really fat clothes. Unfortunately, there’s not much left.  All of my professional wear is too big.  It was then I abandoned cleaning out the closet to work on Plan B. What’s a girl to do? Hmmm… I’m thinking a shopping trip might ease some the pain and suffering from my day’s bouts of guilt.  What do you think?

I guess it will be back to the dreaded closet tomorrow evening.

Well enough rambling. Have a nice evening.


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  1. I went back to work after 12 years of not working, and had to put a three year old in daycare!  He screamed and cried!  Believe me that is worse!  Talk about guilt!  Now I have been back home again for about 4 years and glad not to have to go through that anymore!  I’ll be praying for you and the adjustment.

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