“Hi Ho, Hi Ho” it’s off to work I go.  My new job starts tomorrow and so far, the hiring process has been somewhat of a nightmare.  At this point, all I know is that I go to an orientation for half a day tomorrow, after that I have no clue.  I’m not sure how well I’ll adjust to the job —  it’s not quite what I’m used to — but I’m sure it will all work out in the end.  A little extra money will certainly be welcomed in our home.

The job is temporary, so hopefully something more suited for me will come along before it’s over with. (Hmmm, do you think someone will pay me to be a lady of leisure, lol)

I haven’t worked in a few months, so it’ll be a true test of skill to see if I can manage to get myself, my husband and both kids out the door and delivered to their appropriate destinations in a timely manner.  I’m thinking once we work the kinks out of the new schedule, work might actually be a break for me!  Although, I’m already missing my children.

It’s sad to think that come late fall, I’ll have to start this process again if I haven’t found anything.  But if nothing else, I certainly won’t get bored!

Everyone have a great Monday morning.  I’ll miss my morning Xangatime!


7 thoughts on “

  1. Thanks for all the good wishes.

  2. At the time I am writing this your day is done.  I hope you had a great one.

  3. Good luck on the new job šŸ™‚

  4. I hope you like the job, I want to go back to work but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  5. There you go … sounds like a good plan to me. šŸ™‚

  6. Maybe you’ll find your new workplace like chip’s….days filled with Xanga and IMs LOLA girl can dream šŸ™‚

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