I can’t really think of much to say today.  I read blogs of several of my friends and of several Xanga buddies — they all sound so interesting, witty and well put!  I look back at mine and think I’m sounding a little dull!

I will say, in the week or so I’ve been doing this I’ve become somewhat addicted.  I catch myself even driving down the street and thinking of things I should “blog about.”  Although, by the time I get home most of those thoughts have left me.

I do remember one of my driving thoughts from today.  Last week, a friend of mine blogged (is that actually a verb??) a list of his pet peeves.  I did add one at the time — people who bombard you getting on the elevator as you are trying to get off, almost making it impossible to make your exit.  Well, as I was driving today (remember the operative word is DRIVING) I saw something that reminded me of an even bigger pet peeve.  Before I go on, for those of you reading this who might do this very thing … well never mind what I’m thinking and take no offense.  🙂

I was coming back from the hospital after filling out a mound of pre-employment paperwork.  I pull up to a light and casually look over at the car next to me. As we begin to slowly move is DRIVING … that’s what the driver of the other car was doing sort of.

I’m not sure if her car was a Pontiac or a mobile beauty shop.  She had eye-lash curler in one hand and mascara in the other (and yes, she was applying it.) Hmmm … let’s see .. one hand with eye lash curler the other with mascara .. yes, that’s two hands.  If both hands were occupied with applying makeup, what was she using to drive with.?

I am all for saving a few minutes in the morning and multi-tasking.  I also usually side with my gender, but I just can’t this time.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  No fresh coat of makeup is worth endangering yourself and others on the highway, not to mention the risk of ramming that mascara wand into your brain!

Okay, that’s my beef for today!

Have a nice evening.



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  1. In the week or so that I have been doing this I find myself  “addicted” too!  I think I’m addicted to the comments.  I can’t wait to get on and see if anybody made any comments! Crazy! 

  2. That is just as bad as people who read while they drive. We have seen that 🙂

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