Happy Monday!  It is a happy day in my house.  It’s small, but my son chose to go potty without me having to beg.  Hope this is a sign good things to come.

I don’t have much to say today.  Since I’m off to work in a week, I decided it was time to go through some boxes left from the move.  Everything I’ve been putting off has seemed to migrate to the office.  It’s like a cave of boxes in here.

I ran across a box full of newspaper tear sheets and clippings of articles I wrote years ago.  Some were from as early as my college internship. Then they skip to like 1995-1996, which would have been my last couple of years there.  I’m wondering what happened to everything in between.  I’m sure I’ll run across them, I’m such a pack rat.  I’m actually hoping I do. 

It’s actually making me a little sad.  I’m wondering where all my creativity went. These days, I have a hard time coming up with something witty and interesting to write on here.  Unless it’s about my kids, I draw a blank.  Oh well, LOL, something will hit me soon.  Or, maybe I should go back to the newspaper word….. naaaaaaa .. probably not.

Well enough of me and that rambling and back to the big news of the day —  We went potty, we went potty, we went potty!!!!!!

And now I must run, sounds like my son is tearing the kitchen up.

Have a great Monday.


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  1. How old is your son?  My 3 year old took the longest of my children and he still wants someone to help him all the time.  Just getting him to pull his pants up himself is difficult!  I guess that’s what happens when you have one so much younger than the rest and he is spoiled rotten!

  2. Oh…you MUST share some of those editorials with us!!!Pleeeaaase!!!!????

  3. Frontier Camp.
    Isn’t it awesome when they potty on their own?
    Man.  I love it.

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