Good morning everyone.


I officially resumed my jogging this week.  I’ve gone every day this week. Since we moved here a month ago, I have gotten lax at going.  I’m determined to get back at it.  I am sooooo out of shape!  As I sit here gasping for every breath, I find it amazing that this does actually make me feel better.  I can see some difference.  It does get easier each day and I think, just maybe there might be a remote chance that my “backside” giggles a little less — That fact on it’s own makes it all worth it.  J


I have a secret goal.  Some day I’d like to run a marathon.   As hard as it is right now, I really do enjoy the jogging.  It gives me energy and the alone time gives me a chance to clear my mind.  Running a marathon seems like a lofty goal, given my stamina and the distance I can run at this moment.  But, I think I can eventually do it.  I’m pretty stubborn.  Now that my goal is in writing, I’ll have to stick to it!! (Or, maybe no one will read this and I can forget I ever wrote it, LOL)


It’s back to the working world for me in a week.  I’ve been off with my kids since October, so I have mixed emotions about going back.  What is it in a woman that instills this sense of guilt, no matter what we do?  I’ve done the stay-at-home mom thing twice in the last 8 years.  I love to work and am successful when I do it, but I do enjoy the time with my children.  It never fails that I end up feeling like I’m not doing enough if I stay at home.


A few months ago, a working friend joined another mom and I for pizza with the children.  “So this is what stay-at-home moms do every day,” she said to both of us with a serious look on her face.  I wanted to scream.  As career-minded and as much of a workaholic as I am, I must admit staying home with my two children is some of the hardest work I have ever done.  I hate feeling like I have to explain my reasoning every time I tell someone I stay at home.  I’m sure her comment was innocent, so I did spare her the run-down of my list.


I also feel guilty for going back to work.  I know that as long as we provide a nurturing home for our children and spend quality off time with them, they’ll be fine.  But I still can’t help feeling like they are getting the short-end of the stick.  My daughter has survived many years of me working and I have many wonderful working friends who have great kids.  I know it will be just fine.  My job will only be 30 hours a week so it shouldn’t be a bad transition and the extra money will be a tremendous help.


Hope everyone has a great day.




5 thoughts on “

  1. AB, y’all may come anytime you’d like!  Just give us a call.

  2. So when can we come to SA for a weekend of rest and relaxation ala-shelly?

  3. Yes, that’s right.  I stay home, go eat pizza, have some chocolate, lay in the tub… Just a whole day of fun and relaxation.  It’s more like a 16 hr work day with no breaks and no me time.  If I was to work out of the home, I would get atleast 2 – 1 hour lunches and 4 – 15 minute breaks that I could do with as I please.  As it is, I inhale my food as quickly as possible, shower with the 5 minutes allotted to me by either screaming child, and then spend the rest of the day trying to clean but failing miserably.  Yup, it’s a party alright.

  4. I get grumpy being home. I get extended time off for summers, and I’m always ready to go back. Stay with the joggin Shelly! I’m rooting for you and the marathon. I won’t forget!!!!

  5. jogging!  You go girl! 
    Just a note about being a working mom.  I’ve been on both sides also.  When I worked outside of the home it was because my first husband was leaving us.  Now, I’ve been back home for over 4 years now, and all of my children told me I’m much happier and nicer.  I guess even though I thought I was doing alright, I was really stressed!  I feel very blessed to be able to now stay home!

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