Well, we spent last night at Orientation for my daughter’s new school.  I can’t believe it.  I have a sixth-grader.  I’m not sure where all the time went.  She is growing up so quickly.  And, if  I do say so, she’s a great kid.


We also went shopping for new school clothes.  What a nightmare.  The clothing designers and retailers seem to want us to dress our daughters like little mini I don’t know what’s.  I do know I’m not going to send my 11-year-old to school dressed in things I don’t think I’ll let here where when she’s 18.  Each year, clothes buying gets more difficult.  I still want to put her in buttons, bows and lacy socks.  Taylor wants to be “grown up.”  She wants to wear what she sees all her supposed role models on TV wearing.  Can’t do it.  Bare midriffs, hip hugging-jeans and the tightest of tight just doesn’t work for me.


She’s also at that stage where size wise, there’s not much in the little girl’s section that will work.  You move up to juniors and it’s all too big or too “old.”  What’s a mom to do?  I’m sure it’s rough on her too.  Being at that stage between being a little girl and being grown up is hard.


In recent weeks, I’ve tried letting her explore her own fashion taste.  A few times, the outfits — though innocent on her part — came out looking like couture from the “house of hoochie.”  But, with a little coaching, we eventually find a few outfits that we can both live with.  This week’s shopping trip was no exception, but I thought we might kill each other before it was over.


When I do step back and take a look, she does have a flair for some of this fashion stuff.  It’s just hard for a mom to take. 


She’s such little lady now … makes me happy and sad all at the same time.





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  1. im no where near crafty…lol. i can crochet and thats about it. tho i do have it down to a science. well the simple stitches anyway. the preemeis only take maybe 2 days and the lap size took me a full 2 weeks.  of course theres many sizes in between. thanks for the comment…mamabear

  2. I wish we had uniforms.  It would be much easier.

  3. I love “house of hoochie”…Thank goodness for the school uniform! It makes my life easier, at least until next year. High school doesn’t have a uniform, just a dress code.

  4. ive had the same problems with my 11 year old. i found the best place to go is sears. lots of cool stuff and nothin to reveiling. well they do, but they also have everything else so you can easily distract her from it….lol. good luck….mamabear

  5. Hang on to the innocence as long as you can!  They grow up way too fast! I have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys.  My girls are all practically grown.  The third will start college in about a week.  Just thinking about it makes me want to cry!

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