How do kids do it?  They know when you are having a really bad day.


This morning I woke up in one of those moods.  One of those blah “I’m feeling sorry for myself, nothing is gonna make me happy, and if you look at me I will cry” moods.  The mood was for no apparent reason.  But I was there and it was so bad I was getting on my on nerves.  I hate it when I get that way.  My hubby generally blames it on being a woman. Today, I think I would have had to agree with him.  It’s so stupid.  Fortunately, it didn’t last long – thanks to my darling little son.


Kids just know sometimes the right thing to say or do, the male children especially.  They learn at early age to say “what she wants to hear.” How do they learn that? At 2, he already knows the right things to say to get what he wants. When they grow up, it’s easy to see through that. But when they are so little, cute and adorable, it works every time.


This morning, I was sitting in my chair wallowing in my self-pity and waiting on my hubby to come down for his coffee.  I hear my son’s normal thump, thump as bounced down the stairs on his bottom.  As he was climbing into my lap, he put his little arms around my neck and said “my mama a pretty girl.”  Awwwwwwwww .. that was it.  My heart melted. Any signs of bad mood and feeling sorry for myself quickly faded to nothing.  I was sitting there in a worn out t-shirt – bed head and all – and my son thinks I’m pretty.  A pretty GIRL at that, LOL.  Well that was it — my day was better.


Of course, he followed with a request for chocolate milk and a quick game of baseball.  It doesn’t matter though.  He instantly made my day great.  I’ll be singing to myself all day …  “I’m a pretty girl, I’m a pretty girl.”  If you read this, I hope you all have a great day too!



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  1. Kids are good like that……thanks for stopping by & subbing , my blogs can at times be few & far between but I get on here when I can so I hope you dont get too bored with me RYC we dont usually get snow down here (we live about 45 mins from the nearest snowfields) so the kids were pretty excited about it all!

  2. To what?  Saying the right thing, LOL …. only works with me in the below 3 set.

  3. =)  Glad you could join us and I think your son is onto something…..

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