Okay. Xanga informs me that I have now been a member for 106 days!  Yet, I’ve never posted.  I’m not sure if it’s a serious case of writer’s block, the stay-at-home mom blahs or just a serious case of laziness.  Whatever the reason, I’ve decided – it’s time!


I’ve spent countless hours and minutes reading the numerous entries of my friends and, being the night owl that I am, even more hours and minutes reading the bits of wisdom posted by countless unknowns.


I’ve not come across any earth-shattering insight or even read the words of any “could- be” Pulitzer Prize winner … but I have been very entertained and have come to one conclusion  — I can do this.  Surely I have something to say.  I do not understand this new phobia of the written word I seem to have.  I just keep reminding myself that I used to write for a living.


How hard can it be?  Of course, I write this as I sit here wondering what on earth I have to say that could be of interest of anyone else.  So here’s my test.  I’m going to see if anyone should “stumble” across my lone Xanga entry and give me any ideas for subject matter.  Come on; throw some ideas at me that might spark my creative genius.  If you don’t, you’ll surely be subject to the ramblings of a housewife.  I’m wondering how much chatter about the latest accomplishment of my daughter, humorous tidbits about my pre-schooler or facts about the latest recipe I might be trying for tonight’s dinner that you can take.  Hmm?


Now comes the true test of my “Xanganess” …. How do I make this thing work??  Where do I get a profile picture from and better yet, how do I get it on here?  And how do all these people make these things look so good?


3 thoughts on “

    I could always use new ideas…

  2. YEA!!!!!!! Click around on the right panel for how to add a profile pic. I think people are on Premium (Rob is) to make everything look cool 🙂

  3. About freaking time 🙂

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