hmm… It’s Monday.  I’ve really nothing fun, witty or even halfway entertaining to write about today.  I’ve been watching all the news from Mississippi and Louisiana.  I really feel bad for all those caught in the path of the storm.

There is another chapter to the never-ending saga of my new job.  They changed it again today.  Actually, I don’t think they know what they are going to do with me.  I spent last week training for one position, but they’ve changed their mind again.  I guess I’m just a special case .. or is it I’m just so smart they can’t find a job that suits me, LOL LOL … I’m sure the latter is not the case.

I got a call from my old boss in Dallas.  He’s making some calls for me here.  Maybe something good will come out of that.

Well, I won’t spend much time rambling here with nothing to say.  I did see a cute billboard today (I love witty ads and billboards).  Do any of you have any?

How about this one:

“Shop till you Pop” — on a billboard for a maternity store.

or this one:

Stop here in Queso emergency” on a marquis at a Mexican restaurant.

Have a good evening!


Another day another dollar.  Actually, my first official day on the job wasn’t so bad.  I must admit, of late I’ve become one of those people that I really don’t like. I feel I’ve been giving the impression that I think my new job might be “beneath” me.  It’s not.  I don’t know what has been my objection or where my attitude has come from, but I’ve had it.

I don’t know if I’ve developed this innate need to feel important or possess a title to feel like I’m making a difference.  I just don’t know where all this has come from.  I’ve done nothing but find fault with everything about this job — from the hiring process to the actual duties themselves. I’ve blamed everyone and everything but myself for these feelings.  Actually, I should feel lucky to even have a job.

Today — being not quite acclimated enough to the job and my new surroundings — I had some down time to rethink my attitude.

In the past, I’ve taken great pride in being one of those who do what it takes “to get the job done” — heck, even clean bathrooms if need be.  For some reason, I haven’t been able to muster that can-do attitude this time.

We fight with my son every evening. “I don’t like it” he says in his best little-boy whine every night at dinner — before even trying the meal.  That is exactly what I have done.  I’ve whined before giving it a chance.

To those I’ve whined to, and especially to my husband, my attitude has (for lack of a better word) SUCKED.  I apologize.

I’ve recently revisted some reading I’ve done in the past.  Here’s some food for thought out of one of the books:

“Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.”


“There are no unimportant jobs, just people who feel unimportant doing their jobs.”

I’ve made myself feel unimportant with my bad attitude.  So, I think I’m going to try to go in tomorrow with newfound energy, learn the job and do it to the best of my ability. 

So, borrowing words — is it from Pattie Labelle? —

“I tidied up my point of view

I got a new attitude”

I have a feeling I am going to come out feeling much better.

Have a great evening!

**I just noticed, this posted for Wednesday rather than Tuesday.  I’m guessing this is due to the lateness of yesterday’s post.

Whew .. I made it through the first day — One very long day of orientation.

I actually made it out of bed, got everyone taken care of and out the door.  We drop off my 2-year-old at his first day of daycare.  A Mom kinda wishes for at least one tear to hint that her child might miss her just a tiny bit.  Nope… not a one, no moisture in his eyes whatsover — not even a hug goodbye for good old Mom. I look at him pleadingly, hoping the sadness in my eyes will remind him I’m the one who fixes his oatmeal, changes his diapers and tucks him in at night.  No such luck.

And to top it all off, when we return to take him home, he didn’t want to leave!!  I guess I should be thankful that he’s happy in his new home away from home.  Although, at least one tear would have been good for mom’s ego, which was already suffering slight pangs of guilt.

Later in the day, I’m sitting through about the fourth hour of orientation, enjoying a video on sexual harrassment when I get a text message on my phone — my daughter is sick and hubby is picking her up from school.  MORE GUILT, MORE GUILT, MORE GUILT.  She is fine and dad was able to handle everything just fine.

Hubby and I got a wild hair to clean out our closet this evening — part out of desperation and part out of neccessity.  It’s plain and simple, there is no more room in the closet.  Secondly, I’m back to a work wardrobe, rather than the shorts and tank tops I’ve become partial to over the last months.  So, the search was on this evening for something to wear tomorrow. This turned into a mad dash to get rid of everything in the closet that can’t be worn any longer.  For me, that was about 99.9% of what was in there.

The sizes in my closet, like most women’s, run the gamut — from skinny (well wishful thinking, but thinner anyway), to really, really (I mean really) fat!  Fortunately for me, I no longer need the really, really fat clothes. Unfortunately, there’s not much left.  All of my professional wear is too big.  It was then I abandoned cleaning out the closet to work on Plan B. What’s a girl to do? Hmmm… I’m thinking a shopping trip might ease some the pain and suffering from my day’s bouts of guilt.  What do you think?

I guess it will be back to the dreaded closet tomorrow evening.

Well enough rambling. Have a nice evening.

“Hi Ho, Hi Ho” it’s off to work I go.  My new job starts tomorrow and so far, the hiring process has been somewhat of a nightmare.  At this point, all I know is that I go to an orientation for half a day tomorrow, after that I have no clue.  I’m not sure how well I’ll adjust to the job —  it’s not quite what I’m used to — but I’m sure it will all work out in the end.  A little extra money will certainly be welcomed in our home.

The job is temporary, so hopefully something more suited for me will come along before it’s over with. (Hmmm, do you think someone will pay me to be a lady of leisure, lol)

I haven’t worked in a few months, so it’ll be a true test of skill to see if I can manage to get myself, my husband and both kids out the door and delivered to their appropriate destinations in a timely manner.  I’m thinking once we work the kinks out of the new schedule, work might actually be a break for me!  Although, I’m already missing my children.

It’s sad to think that come late fall, I’ll have to start this process again if I haven’t found anything.  But if nothing else, I certainly won’t get bored!

Everyone have a great Monday morning.  I’ll miss my morning Xangatime!

Good morning!  I got a bit of stress relief this morning.  I found a daycare for my son, just in the nick of time as my new job starts Monday. He seemed to really take to the place.  I’m glad, because it was pretty much my last option.  Nothing else had worked out at this point.  And honestly, I was most impressed with the lady who ran the center.  I think it will be a good fit for us.

My son has decided that Dr. Seuss’s “There’s  A Wocket In My Pocket” is his favorite book, although he’s very perplexed by the “Woset in his Closet.”  He got up twice in the wee hours of the morning looking for that pesky Woset.  Between looking for creatures in C’s closest and hubby’s snoring — well let’s just say I’m a little tired this morning due to lack of sleep. 

The Woset problem is easy; we may just have to find a new favorite book.  But, still not sure about the snoring issue. Any suggestions (short of smothering him with a pillow, lol)?

Have a good day.

This time of the year, I really get caught up in a lot of things that I’m finding really don’t always matter.  This week  I’ve learned a good lesson from my daughter.

As school starts each year, I start stressing over making sure my daughter has enough new clothes to start school in, enough shoes to go with each outfit (I couldn’t deprive a young girl of that and possibly mark her for life; a girl just can’t have enough shoes can she?), just the right school clothes and everything that I feel will help her “feel good.”  I then fall into planning now for what great things I will get the children for Christmas. These things are all well and good, but realistcally, they don’t matter that much.  If I stop to look back,  I realize I grew up getting only one or two outfits for school and heaven forbid only one (I hear gasps from the female readers ) pair of shoes.  And, I’m positive there were a few Christmases with very little under the tree — I survived.  I don’t know why in my adulthood I seem to think my children won’t survive without an overabundance of those things.

I’m not saying that I’ll deprive my children of those extras if I’m able to  provide them, but I think — yes I’ll admit it — I tend to want to overdo.  Watching my children this week, particularly my daughter, I realize it’s the small things that really matter.

Each day this week, she has come home from school all excited, not over a compliment she got on one of her new outfits or many pairs of shoes, but over simple cards I’ve been leaving tucked in her notebook or hidden under a sandwich in her lunchbox. 99 cents!  That’s all I spent.  And honestly, I think it could have been a note scribbled on a paper napkin and she would have appreciated it just as much.  I didn’t think it was that big of a deal when I put them in there, it was actually just an afterthought when I was buying groceries.  But each day, she has come home, read the card to her dad and even called her Granmommy to read them to her.

I’m not bragging on myself for giving her a card, it’s really a testiment to my daughter on helping to remind me what is really important — loving your family and showing them that you do. I get way to caught up in the unimportant things of everyday life.  It’s amazing it took my 11-year-old to do show me that.

I have prayed since the day I found out I was pregnant with her that I would have children with good heads on their shoulders. God is showing me that that prayer is coming true.

Have a great afternoon!

I can’t really think of much to say today.  I read blogs of several of my friends and of several Xanga buddies — they all sound so interesting, witty and well put!  I look back at mine and think I’m sounding a little dull!

I will say, in the week or so I’ve been doing this I’ve become somewhat addicted.  I catch myself even driving down the street and thinking of things I should “blog about.”  Although, by the time I get home most of those thoughts have left me.

I do remember one of my driving thoughts from today.  Last week, a friend of mine blogged (is that actually a verb??) a list of his pet peeves.  I did add one at the time — people who bombard you getting on the elevator as you are trying to get off, almost making it impossible to make your exit.  Well, as I was driving today (remember the operative word is DRIVING) I saw something that reminded me of an even bigger pet peeve.  Before I go on, for those of you reading this who might do this very thing … well never mind what I’m thinking and take no offense.  🙂

I was coming back from the hospital after filling out a mound of pre-employment paperwork.  I pull up to a light and casually look over at the car next to me. As we begin to slowly move is DRIVING … that’s what the driver of the other car was doing sort of.

I’m not sure if her car was a Pontiac or a mobile beauty shop.  She had eye-lash curler in one hand and mascara in the other (and yes, she was applying it.) Hmmm … let’s see .. one hand with eye lash curler the other with mascara .. yes, that’s two hands.  If both hands were occupied with applying makeup, what was she using to drive with.?

I am all for saving a few minutes in the morning and multi-tasking.  I also usually side with my gender, but I just can’t this time.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  No fresh coat of makeup is worth endangering yourself and others on the highway, not to mention the risk of ramming that mascara wand into your brain!

Okay, that’s my beef for today!

Have a nice evening.